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Q. What exactly is the Idea Circle for Women?
A. If you are a woman it is all about YOU! The Idea Circle for Women is a series of inspirational workshops focusing on women's issues relating to career, body, health and spirit for the 40+ woman. These events feature some of Connecticuts best industry experts and always held at a fabulous location to compliment each experience. Since we are women and always giving, a selected non profit receives a percentage of the proceeds. Recipients to date have been Susan G Komen for the Cure, CT - Child & Family of Southern CT - Dress for Success, Hartford, the American Heart Association, Love 146 and Girl Rising Foundation.
Q. Why did you decide to create your business "The Idea Circle for Women"?
A. With a background as a Commercial Interior Designer and having worked 20+ years primarily for BASF and Honeywell both Fortune 100 companies,  my experience has lead me in sales marketing to some of the most creative people in top cities of the US. With a downturn economy and tiring of constant travel I wanted to settle in one place, the Connecticut shoreline and share my skills and creativity. I meet so many fantastic women who are looking for answers in their changing careers, or looking in a mirror and searching answers about their body changes or looking deeper within themselves for a spiritual quest. I have so many connections that I wanted to bring everyone together in a fun format that is safe for free expression of self and to discover and grow with women of like mind.
Q. What are some of your greatest skills?
A. Aside from being very creative with high energy and extremely positive in my attitude in life, I have been dubbed a 'pollinator', someone who is always cross connecting people in many situations. I take women from backstage to the spotlight, women entrepreneurs with BIG messages who are invisible to their market and can’t see themselves as the world needs to see them. Most importantly though, I believe I give people hope, hope that there is always someone out there to help in any situation and I usually know somebody who to connect them with.
Q. You spell your name "Anne" however you pronounce it "Annie" is there a story behind that?
A. Yes actually it is a family thing however, I am such an "Annie" with my red hair as my hallmark and my spirited personality, "Annie" truly fits!
Q. You work with many life-style coaches and speakers, who is the most interesting speaker you have had so far?
A. Wow, that is a tough one! As I file back through my memory of all my years of doing this I have to say I have had some of the best skilled professionals in their area of expertise from sustainability topics to sex, and those are just the "s's." Here's one, not a speaker really, however one time at a NYC event I had a 'talking head' which was a huge table with a cheese and fruit platter that actually had a person underneath and his head poked through the table and he too was decorated in fruit. When you served yourself he was very conversant and obnoxious on what you were choosing especially if you were trying to pull fruit off his head! Now that was funny! Click here for an outrageous photo.
Q. So Anne, what plans do you have for women 40+ in 2018?
A. I’m so glad you asked! 2017 was an interesting year for me as I shifted gears. I was recruited in 2014 to bring eWomenNetwork to CT and after three award winning years it was time to retire as Executive Managing Director leaving a legacy of three chapters now in CT. eWomenNetwork is an International organization helping thousands of women all over the world achieve, succeed and prosper. I am returning to produce my own inspiring events kicking off 2018 with our 16th annual Girls, Goals at the Gris luncheon. It’s our “Sweet 16” on January 20th!

I have started a private “Success Mastermind” group where we meet virtually twice monthly with top national leaders in their fields speaking in my “Power Series” platform once a month. Not your typical Mastermind as we also meet in person bi-monthly enriching the experience of our connections and solutions moving everyone forward toward their SUCCESS!

I’m looking forward to other exciting happenings that are in the planning for 2018. Stay tune and opt in for more exciting event updates!
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